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Roads Scholar Program Optional Course

Customer Service

Giving exceptional customer service is a learned skill. This course will demonstrate customer service techniques that will help participants learn how to improve their customer service skills. It uses real world examples to show both good and bad instances of customer service. This course will also discuss how to deal with angry customers and complaints, how to identify customer expectations, and how to remain positive and avoid trouble words when speaking to customers. This course also discusses which communication styles work best with customers.

Dates & Locations


This session is from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.
Registration begins at 8:00 am.



  • Introduction
  • Why do Customers Leave? Dealing with Angry Customers and Complaints.
  • 10 Keys to Defuse Unhappy Customers
  • Break
  • How to Keep “IT” Positive and “Trouble Words” to Avoid
  • Identifying Expectations of Customers
  • Communication Styles that Work Best with Customers – Group Activity
  • Lunch
  • Sending the Right Message to the Customer, Real Life Examples
  • Understanding the Customer’s Needs from Local and State Government Agencies Break
  • Developing and implementing an Action Plan
  • Certificates/Adjourn


Roads Scholar and Road Master Courses:

  • $95 for city and county employees;
  • $115 for all others.

NOTE: Payment is required in advance, except employees of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet