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Asphalt Training & Testing

The Superpave Asphalt Qualification Program operates under principles set forth by Kentucky specifications and federal mandates requiring that knowledgeable, well-trained employees be involved in paving operations. These measures insure cost-effectiveness and quality workmanship. This training program reviews Kentucky procedures, familiarizes experienced technologists with important new practices, and provides an overview of information used on a daily basis in HMA testing. The Superpave Asphalt Program offers two different qualifications: Superpave Plant Technologist (SPT) and Superpave Mix Design Technologist (SMDT).

Who Should Attend

Asphalt Training & Testing courses are designed to provide governmental roadway maintenance workers the basic knowledge necessary to safely and efficiently maintain Kentucky’s highways. These classes are open to local and state governmental employees, private industry, the general public, and anyone regardless of job assignment with interest in learning more about maintaining roads and streets.