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IMSA Roadway Lighting Technician I


The IMSA Roadway Lighting Technician certification demonstrates the holder as being knowledgeable about the theory and operation related to roadway lighting installation, maintenance, lighting components, and systems.

The exam topics covered included electrical safety and codes, electrical fundamentals, jurisdictional needs, and basic building and maintenance.

Those who hold a certification are ready to contribute to the upkeep and repair of roadway lighting.



Those responsible for the installation and maintenance of roadway lighting systems would benefit from this course.


  • IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician or IMSA approved Work Zone equivalent (UK T2 Work Zone Supervisor is approved)


Topics Covered

  • Tools & Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Safety, & Underground Utilities
  • Structures, Fixtures, & Associated Materials
  • Basic Electrical Theory
  • Work Zone Setup, Maintenance of Roadway Lighting, & Emergency Call-Outs
  • Complaint Validity, Site Assessment, & Component Power Source Verification
  • Installation of Roadway Lighting
  • Site Clean-up, Documenting Work Completion, & Fleet Equipment Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance