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Roads Scholar Program Optional Course

Asphalt Paving Best Practices

This course reviews Kentucky procedures, discusses asphalt practices, and provides an overview of information used on a daily basis in asphalt planning, production, placement and testing.

The KYTC Division of Construction still requires new employees of both the Department and Asphalt Paving Contractors to attend the Asphalt Field Technician course. However, the Asphalt Field Technician Course has been renamed. The course is now Asphalt Paving Best Practices. For Asphalt Paving Contractors, this course will remain a requirement for prequalification. Additional information regarding the KYTC Division of Construction requirements can be found at or by calling 502-564-3500

At any time should there be sweeping changes within the asphalt industry or should there be major specification changes, there may be a need to develop a new course or revamp the existing Asphalt Field Technician course and make it mandatory for everyone again.

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