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KYTC Traffic Operations Prequalification: Traffic Impact Study

The Traffic Impact Study course will review the KYTC Traffic Impact Study requirements, including when TIS are to be performed and what should be included within the study. Participants will work through example problems on Trip Distribution including internal and pass-by trips and interpreting capacity analysis results. While this course will make the participant familiar with KYTC requirements, it cannot replace prior traffic impact study experience, which will be required for prequalification. The successful completion of this course is a requirement by KYTC to be prequalified for Traffic Engineering Services. 

This course includes an exam. Qualification is good for four years. 


The course is a virtual, self-paced training course. There is approximately 3.5 hours of instruction and knowledge check quizzes, and participants have up to an additional hour to complete the test. The course is available to participants from Monday at 8:00 am and will close at 5:00 pm on Friday the week of the scheduled training date. You may complete this training in one day, or spread the content out throughout the week.

Participants will work independently to complete the course during this period and must complete all modules, knowledge check quizzes, and the exam prior to course closure. Participants may log on/log off throughout the course until the exam is started, which must be finished within one hour. Please note that videos will restart if you log off in the middle of a module. No credit will be given for shared or incomplete work.



  • When is a TIS required?
  • What is included in the study area?
  • What should a TIS examine?
  • How is trip generation/distribution determined?
  • When should mitigation be proposed?
  • Documentation needs


$265 for all attendees

Everyone must pay in advance for results.