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KEPSC Inspector Qualification

The KEPSC Inspector Qualification course is designed to help participants meet regulations set forth in KYR10 Permit for Construction. This training is invaluable to public works employees, contractors and inspectors throughout the Commonwealth, since Qualified Inspectors are required for a project to receive the Kentucky Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (KPDES) General Permit issued by the Kentucky Division of Water. KPDES permit applies to any construction site with a disturbance of one acre or more anywhere in Kentucky. Inspector Qualification is valid three years from successfully completing the exam.

Who Should Attend

KEPSC courses are designed to provide governmental roadway maintenance workers the basic knowledge necessary to safely and efficiently maintain Kentucky's highways. These classes are open to local and state governmental employees, private industry, the general public and anyone regardless of job assignment with interest in learning more about maintaining roads and streets.


Please note that payment for courses must be made at time of registration, with the exception of KYTC employees.


Registration Fee - $200

KEPSC - Qualified Inspectors