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Roads Scholar Program Required Course

Basic Work Zone And Flagger Qualification

This course is intended for individuals who perform flagging and temporary traffic control activities on Kentucky’s roadways. Individuals seeking qualification as Traffic Control Technicians and Supervisors are encouraged to take this course prior to taking the Technician and Supervisor Courses. This training session includes lectures, videos, and hands-on exercises to present the following: proper use of personal protective equipment, work zone components and types of operations, flagging procedures, proper and improper flagging operations, as well as methods of communicating with workers and the public. Individuals performing flagging operations on any Kentucky roadway should be trained and qualified every two years. Those who successfully pass the test will be qualified and their results will be provided to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.  The course also fulfills a requirement for the Roads Scholar Program.

Dates & Locations


This course is from 8:00am-1:00pm. Registration begins at 7:30am. Please refer to the Canvas Page for more details



  • Introduction and Class Overview
  • Policies and Procedures of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
  • Manual on Uniform Traffic Control (MUTCD) and Other Important Manuals Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Work Zone Traffic Control Components
  • Flagger Station Locations
  • Break
  • Flagger Procedures/Signals
  • Flagging Operations
  • Video – Flaggers: Guardians of the Work Zone
  • Lunch
  • Activity – Hands-On Flagger Practice
  • Flagging Do’s and Don’ts
  • Activity – What’s Wrong with this Picture?
  • Break and Evaluations
  • Test


Roads Scholar and Road Master Courses:

  • $95 local agency employees
  • $115 all others

NOTE: Payment is required in advance, except employees of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.