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Webinar Wednesdays

Join us at 9:00am EST on the second Wednesday of each month for a free, one-hour webinar. The presentation topics will follow two tracks: Soft Skills & Transportation. Participants will receive one professional development hour. 

Upcoming Schedule of Webinars

Click the Course Dates below to register for upcoming Webinar Wednesdays. All webinars are in EST and are held over Zoom.

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Webinar Descriptions & Speakers

February 14, 2024

Ethical Decision Making

Jeff Jasper

Jeff holds a PE and currently serves as a research engineer for the Kentucky Transportation Center. He came to KTC from KYTC with a background in Highway Design.


This webinar will cover ethical decision making in professional settings, including how we behave, performing ethics checks to determine reasonableness, and four key concepts to help you manage your work.

March 13, 2024

Mini Roundabouts

Mike Vaughn

Mike is the Traffic Safety Branch Manager for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in the Division of Traffic Operations. Mike leads a team of engineers who administer the Highway Safety Improvement Plan (HSIP) for Kentucky and represents KYTC on the Pavement Surface Properties Pool Fund Study and AASHTO Committee on Safety.

mike vaughn.jpg

In this webinar, we will discuss how mini roundabouts can deliver big results, addressing funding dilemmas, improving safety and crash data, and reducing fatalities on roadways.

May 8, 2024

Recruitment & Retention

Carolyn Miller

Carolyn is the human resources risk and management director for Chatham County, North Carolina, and instructs a wide variety of trainings on soft skills like leadership and management.

CMiller Head Shot.jpg

Does your employee recruitment resemble a game of einy, meeny, miny, moe? This webinar will offer some tips and tricks for tackling one of the riskiest things employers do - hire good, honest, and dependable employees who will stick around. We will examine best recruitment, interview, and retention strategies to help you find the best candidate for your open position(s).

June 12, 2024

MUTCD Updates

Todd Morrison

Todd is a retired KYTC District 3 employee with experience in Construction, Maintenance, and Traffic. He is a PE and an ATSSA certified instructor.


This webinar will cover a high level overview of the new MUTCD, 11th Edition updates and the adoption process for Kentucky. 

July 10, 2024

Chainsaw Safety

Chris Scamahorne

Chris Scamahorne works as the Safety & Equipment Training Manager for the Louisville Metro Public Works Department and has previous training experience as a U.S. Air Force Veteran. Chris instructs hands-on training workshops on heavy equipment operator safety through T2.

Christopher Scamahorne headshot.png

Chainsaws are widely used across various industries. Every year, numerous chainsaw operators and bystanders are seriously injured or killed due to chainsaw accidents that could be prevented by learning and practicing proper chainsaw safety. This presentation will discuss chainsaw maintenance procedures, how to select and properly use PPE, and how to safely operate a chainsaw to reduce risk of injury.

August 7, 2024

Roadside Barriers 101

Ryan Griffith

Ryan is a research engineer at the Kentucky Transportation Center and focuses on construction procurement, construction, and project management. He comes to KTC after a 30-year career at KYTC in various departments, including Construction, Highway Design, Procurement, and in multiple district offices.

ryan griffith.jpg

This webinar will address how and why guardrail is used, types of guardrail, end treatments, and other roadside barriers. Topics will include hazards posed by roadside barriers, MASH standards for barrier testing, and considerations for roadside barrier design.

September 11, 2024

CatStrong® for Bridge Retrofit

Abheetha Peiris

Abheetha is an Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering within the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky. He is also the Program Manager of the Structures Program at the Kentucky Transportation Center.


CatStrong® is a family of composite products developed at the University of Kentucky for bridge repair and strengthening. The webinar will introduce multiple CatStrong® products and showcase the different applications.

October 9, 2024

Defusing Hostile Customers & Clients

Carolyn Miller

Carolyn is the human resources risk and management director for Chatham County, North Carolina, and instructs a wide variety of trainings on soft skills like leadership and management.

CMiller Head Shot.jpg

Quality customer service should be the norm, not the exception. Giving exceptional customer service is a learned skill and this webinar teaches an overview of customer service techniques that will benefit all areas. It presents examples from real life experiences that help you learn how to deal with angry customers and complains, the top ten keys for diffusing unhappy customers, and learning the communication styles that work best with customers.

November 6, 2024

Local Road Safety Plans (LRSP) & Crash Data

Adam Kirk

Adam is a research engineer at KTC. Prior to his work as an outreach engineer with T2, he worked with local planning and zoning agencies as a transportation planner and engineer. 


Local Road Safety Plans (LRSP) are a proven countermeasure to identify, evaluate, and prioritize safety issues on Kentucky roadways. This webinar will offer a framework for building consensus, analyzing crash data, and implementing countermeasures to make local and state roads safer.


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