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Chainsaw Safety Training

The Chainsaw Safety Training Clinic is a three-day event designed to help prepare participants for tree removal projects and safety conditions.  The training is done in three full-day sessions: Demonstration Safety Training, Hands-On Safety Training, and Limbing, Bucking and Debris Removal.  These clinics are held regardless of weather conditions and attendees are asked to come prepared and dressed appropriately.  


Day 1 - Chainsaw Demonstration Safety Training

The Chainsaw Demonstration Safety Training Course covers the basics of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), saw safety features and adjustments; reactive forces, basic directional felling and limbing; and topping.  This full-day course will consist of classroom learning in the morning and in the afternoon participants will travel to a site where they will observe the demonstration portion of the training.


Day 2 - Chainsaw Hands-On Safety Training

The Chainsaw Hands-On Safety Training Course will take place outdoors and will consist of lecture and hands-on activities.  The course will include work on springpoles and wedging; hands-on training in carburetor adjustments, chisel bit and round chain filing, as well as other topics.  Each Participant will cut down a tree as part of the course.  All participants must bring a hard hat, hearing protection, safety glasses, chaps, boots, gloves, safety vest, and a chainsaw (one for every two participants.) 


Day 3 - Chainsaw Limbing, Bucking and Debris Removal

Removing downed trees and debris can be hazardous.  This hands-on course will discuss pressures and binds, site information and assessment, recognizing hazard removals, throwline and rope discussions and utilizing springpoles.  Participants will be assessing windtrown trees and learning the different techniques of delimbing, topping and bucking.  A hard hat, hearing protection, safety glasses, chaps, boots and a chainsaw are also required for this training. 


The clinics are held in conjunction with the Kentucky State Parks and will take place at different parks across the state throughout the year.  



Click Register Here to see dates in the training calendar.


Registration Fees for Three-Day Clinic

Local Governments - $390

State, Industries and National Parks - $460


Observation Day 1 Only

There are a limited number of spaces available for observation on Day 1 only.  

Local Governments - $90

State, Industries and National Parks - $100


Download a PDF Registration Form.



A discount lodging rate will be offered by the park to those attending these clinics.  You may contact the lodge directly for reservations and mention the UK Chainsaw Training for the discounted rate.  Lunch will be provided at the lodge for each day of training.