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Equipment Loan Program

This free program allows all local public agencies in Kentucky the opportunity to borrow the following items from the Technology Transfer Program at the Kentucky Transportation Center:


Ball Bank Indicator:  Used for the specific purpose of determining safe (uniform advisory) curve speeds for horizontal curves.


Calibration Sign Standards Kit: Designed for use by your maintenance personnel to easily calibrate their vision prior to conducting nighttime sign inspections Calibration Sign Standards are available in all required colors.  Retroreflectivity levels are engineered to match the values specified in MUTCD Table 2A-3.


Comparison Panel Standards Kit:  Easy to use during nighttime inspections, these panels replace the need to invest in costly portable reflectometers and their respective maintenance.  Simply clip the comparison panels to the sign being evaluated and view from a distance of approximately 25 feet with the provided light source.  If the sign is brighter than the comparison panel, the sign exceeds the MUTCD minimum values and may be kept in service.  If the comparison panel is brighter, it indicates the sign should be scheduled for replacement.


Digital Level: Using custom sensor technology, the digital level displays in degrees, % slope or inches per foot.  It is accurate to 1/10 of a degree.


Retroreflectometer:  The retroreflectometer is a handheld instrument for measuring retroreflection of traffic signs.


Shoulder Wedge Maker "Safety Edge Shoe": Attaches to a paver to shape the edge of the pavement to a 30 degree tapered angle which eliminates the problem of a vertical edge drop-off, or a "safety edge."


Traffic Counter: Used to identify which routes are used most, and to either improve that road or provide an alternative if there is an excessive amount of traffic.  The traffic counters collect vehicle number, speed, and length for up to nine days (depending on the traffic).


Speed Feedback Sign: Designed to be durable, accurate, and easy to use. The speed feedback sign offers solutions for increasing driver speed awareness and road safety and are designed especially for temporary deployment. The bright 12” characters can be seen from up to 750’ away and help increase driver speed awareness on the neighborhood streets where so many accidents occur every year. These portable speed feedback signs include data collection software, allowing users to gather hard data of traffic patterns and program the sign using a Bluetooth connection.


Fillable form can be found here.