Technology Transfer Equipment Loan Program Request Form

Technology Transfer Equipment Loan Program Policy

Requesting Equipment:

All local public agencies in Kentucky are eligible to participate in this program. Requests are accepted by phone, email or online and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. A waitlist will be maintained and the equipment will be distributed to the next agency on the list.

Length of Use:

All equipment is available to you for a maximum of three weeks. You must return the equipment by the end of those three weeks. If you wish to continue use of the equipment, you will need to submit another request. Equipment will only be reissued if another agency is not on the waitlist. If there is a wait, your request will be added to the waitlist.

Proper Use & Handling:

Agencies borrowing the equipment are required to store the equipment in a secure locked location while not in use. The retroreflectometer must be protected from extreme temperatures, excessive humidity, and moisture at all times.

The borrowing agency accepts all responsibility for repair or replacement for damaged, lost or stolen equipment. In the case of stolen equipment the borrowing agency must file a police report and submit a copy of that report to T2.

Delivery & Return:

The equipment will either be shipped or delivered to the borrowing agency, the agency must pay for shipping or delivering the equipment back to T2. When shipping the equipment, the borrowing agency must pay to insure the equipment, the retroreflectometer $15,000, ball bank indicator $1,000, counters $ 2,000 each, calibration sign standards kit $2,500, and comparison panel standards kit $2,500.


A late fee of $25 per day accrues to the borrowing agency for each day beyond the agreed upon return date.

Equipment Requested