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Safe Tree and Brush Removal Illinois Dept. of Transportation AV-VD091 DVD 2003 DVD, 19 min. This video covers the various reasons for removing trees and brush, proper chain saw operation, and safety precautions. Use on a computer.
Video Guide to Chain Saw Safety Video Communications AV-VD041 DVD 2005 © DVD, 23 min. Includes a reference guide. Describes how to effectively and safely use the chain saw. Covers personal protective equipment, features, maintenance, and operations
Sand and Salt Spreader Calibration Massachusetts Local Technical Assistance Program AV-VD031 DVD 2006 © DVD, 13 min. This features an easy to follow explanation of the procedure to calibrate a sand or salt spreader truck. This procedure can save resources and protect the environment from the effects of excess salt and sand.
Sensible Wood Cutting: Tips from the Pros Husqvarna Forest and Garden Co. AV-V1021 VHS 1993 © 1/2" VHS, 23 min. The basic tips and techniques of using chain saw are covered. It focuses on the personal protective gear, safety features of the chain saw, making a cutting plan, and various felling and cutting techniques.
Parking Lane/Shoulder Work Traffic Education & Consulting Services AV-V225 VHS 1994 © 1/2" VHS, 12 min. Accompanied by two Guides: Safety practices and procedures for parking lane and shoulder work zone.
Mobile Work Zone Operations Texas Dept. of Transportation AV-V750 VHS 2001 1/2" VHS, 13 min. Planning for a mobile work zone and the procedures for setting up a mobile work zone are covered in this video.
Flagging Traffic Safely Long Island Productions AV-V633 VHS 1999 © 1/2" VHS, 5 min. The flagger is key to a safe work site for the workers and the motorists. The video reviews basic flagging procedures.
Dropoffs Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Dept. AV-V611 VHS 1997 1/2" VHS, 16 min. This video covers the proper traffic control and safety devices for dropoffs in work zones.
Not a Toy: Dump Truck Preventive Maintenance: Daily Inspection Texas State Dept. of Highways and Public Transportation AV-V212 VHS 1988 1/2" VHS, 12 min. Explains the preventive maintenance procedures for a dump truck. A check list is provided with corrective measures if defects are found.
Street Closures Traffic Education & Consulting Services AV-V329 VHS 1994 © 1/2" VHS, 16 min. Accompanied by two guides: Practices and procedures for street closures during emergencies, special events, or in long and short-term operations
MUTCD Videoconference: Millennium Edition American Traffic Safety Services Association AV-V736 VHS 2001 1/2" VHS, 150 min. This videoconference held March 20, 2001 summarizes the changes in the new "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices". All parts of the manual are covered.
Work Zone Ahead: Highway Work Zone Safety Associated General Contractors of America AV-V585 VHS 1996 © 1/2" VHS, 12 min. Provides basic safety training to road construction workers.
Trucking Through the Work Zone North Carolina Dept. of Highways AV-V706 VHS 1992 1/2" VHS, 9 min. There is an integral risk of accidents in work zones. It takes the leadership of professional truck drivers to help get through the work zones safely.
Safety Made Simple: The ABC’s of Work Zone Safety American Traffic Safety Services Assn. AV-V676 VHS 2000 © 1/2" VHS, 13 min. Accompanied by a brochure. To help prevent accidents in work zones, one should follow the ABC'S of work zone safety: awareness, being visible, and communication
Pedestrians Traffic Education & Consulting Services AV-V240 VHS 1994 © 1/2" VHS, 12 min. Accompanied by two guides. Preventative safety tips to help reduce the unique risks of pedestrians in work zones.
Moving Operations/Maintenance Safety Iowa Dept. of Transportation AV-V821 VHS 1999 © 1/2" VHS, 13 min. This program describes a variety of short-term highway operations from snow plowing to patching from the least dangerous to the most dangerous. It stresses awareness of hazards and individual responsibility for safety.
Work Zone Tort Liability Texas A&M University AV-V962 VHS 2003 © 1/2" VHS, 13min. The video shows how a road agency may be held liable for improper set up and control of a work zone.
Winter Driving Safety Long Island Productions AV-V629 VHS 1998 © 1/2" VHS, 18 min. Video shows how to drive safely in winter weather. It covers stopping distances, braking, skids, and what to do if you get stuck in snow/ice.
Wheel and Rim Inspection Maintenance Council; American Trucking Associations, Inc. AV-V822 VHS 1994 © 1/2" VHS, 12min. The video describes three types of mounting systems. It also covers inspection procedures and out of service wheel conditions. Accompanied by a manual: "User's Guide to Wheels and Rims," TL270.U84 1994
Weather and Loads: The Effect They Have on Roads Braun Intertec AV-V379 VHS 1991 1/2" VHS, 17 min. Discusses the effects of weather and loads on roads and some of the solutions to these problems.
Transport Trailer Safety Video Information System Training Associates, Inc. AV-V364 VHS 1995 © 1/2" VHS, 15 min. Covers the safe loading, unloading, and transport procedures for heavy equipment.
Tow-Type Trailers Delaware Dept. of Transportation AV-V353 VHS 1/2" VHS, 20 min. Reviews the use of trailers. Covers pre-trip inspection, hook-up, loading, towing, and unloading.
Tips from the Pros: Backhoe Loader VISTA Training, Inc AV-V807 VHS 2001 © 1/2" VHS, 16 min. Professional operators share their skills and expertise on the safe and efficient operation of backhoe loaders. Covers planning, trenching and backfilling, working a spoil pile, and lifting.
Think and Drive Long Island Productions, Inc. AV-V760 VHS 2000 © 1/2" VHS, 17 min. The video covers the skills of a good driver. Also included are brakes, proper seating position, intersections, mirrors, and poor driving conditions. Safe driving requires driving responsibly and driving defensively.
Taking Control of Your Motor Grader John Deere Training Center AV-V336 VHS © 1/2" VHS, 19 min. Demonstrates and reviews the functions, controls, and operating techniques of the motor grader.
Tag, You’re It Safety Short Production, Inc. AV-V448 VHS 1992 © 1/2" VHS, 5 min. Shutting down and locking out machinery prior to making repairs is an important safety procedure. Lock out/tag out procedures are shown.
Steel Wheel Roller Delaware Dept. of Transportation AV-V325 VHS 1/2" VHS, 23 min. Reviews the operating techniques for the steel wheel roller. Covers daily checks, start up and warm-up, hook up and towing, basic operation, rolling techniques, and shut-down.
Safe Dump Truck Operations: “What You Need to Know” Vista Training; J.J. Keller & Associates AV-V869 VHS 1992 © 1/2" VHS, 17 min. Gives an overview of safe operating procedures. The video covers pre-trip inspection, safe driving practices, weather conditions, and what to do in case of an accident.
Plowing Techniques Iowa Dept. of Transportation AV-V648 VHS 1997 1/2" VHS, 30 min. The basic plowing techniques and procedures for clearing two-lane roads and multiple-lane highways are covered, as well as special techniques for clearing intersections, bridges, railroad crossings, etc. The video also demonstrates how to use the heavy-duty wing, ice blade, and v-plow along with the reversible plow.
Plow Power American Public Works Assn. AV-V246 VHS 1988 1/2" VHS, 15 min. Snow fighting is a year round operation requiring planning and preparation. Plow drivers need to know the route, drive defensively, and use the proper techniques. Plowing operations are demonstrated for roads and streets, intersections, and cul-de-sacs.
Operator Daily Maintenance of Motorgraders International Road Federation AV-V222 VHS © 1/2" VHS, 20 min. This video shows all the proper daily maintenance procedures for motorgraders. Covers the pre-start check, warm-up check, daily operating check, and the shut-down check.
Operator Daily Maintenance of Front-End Loaders International Road Federation AV-V221 VHS © 1/2" VHS, 18 min. The video demonstrates how to correctly carry out four groups of daily maintenance on the front end loader.
Motor Grader Operation - Parts 1,2,3 Delaware Dept. of Transportation; Washington Dept. of Trans. AV-V196 VHS 1985 3 videos, 1/2" VHS, 17, 16, 21 min. These tapes are designed to teach motorgrader operation to new employees with no grader experience. Emphasis is placed in daily preventative maintenance, starting up and shutting down the engine, blade positions, basic maneuvering, and operating techniques.
Motor Fleet Maintenance Safety Long Island Productions AV-V639 VHS 1998 © 1/2" VHS, 6 min. The video reviews safety procedures when working in fleet maintenance.
Lockout/Tagout of Construction Equipment Video Information System Training Associates, Inc. AV-V509 VHS © 1/2" VHS, 18 min. Demonstrates safe work practices in mobile equipment repairs. The video provides step-by-step procedures for lockout/tagout and for controlling hazardous energy releases.
Introduction to Winter Operations Iowa Dept. of Transportation AV-V645 VHS 1997 © 1/2" VHS, 11min. The video covers various types of equipment and how they are used for effective snow and ice removal.
Equipment Operation Iowa Dept. of Transportation AV-V647 VHS 1997 1/2" VHS, 10 min. In this video you will learn about regular equipment checks, proper radio procedures and protocol, and the best clothing to wear for winter operations.
Equipment Maintenance Programming and Scheduling Montana State University AV-V094 VHS 1983 1/2" VHS, 46 min. This tape stresses the importance of proper programming and scheduling of maintenance. It shows a system for maintaining an inventory of parts with examples. Emphasis is on good bookkeeping and proper paperwork by operators, mechanics, and others.
Dump Truck Safety Training Network; Long Island Productions Inc. AV-V915 VHS © 1/2" VHS, 14 min. The video covers the maintenance and safe operation of dump trucks.
Bucket Trucks Safety Short Production, Inc. AV-V622 VHS 1992 © 1/2" VHS, 5 min. To help avoid risks such as falls and exposure to electrical hazards when using bucket trucks, learn and follow safe work practices.
Chainsaw Use and Safety National Arborist Assn. AV-V924 VHS © 1/2" VHS, 18 min. This video demonstrates the proper way to use chain saw while climbing, working from an aerial lift, performing take-downs, limbing, bucking, and more. Safety techniques are stressed.
Backhoe Loader: Safe Operating Techniques Video Information System Training Associates, Inc. AV-V500 VHS 1992 © 1/2" VHS, 15 min. This video provides safe operating practices for the backhoe loader in a variety of situations and uses.
Accident Free Backing and Parking: Backing and Parking Cars and Light Trucks Long Island Productions AV-V730 VHS 1986 © 1/2" VHS, 13 min. Reviews techniques for safely backing and parking cars and light trucks.
Chainsaw Safety, Maintenance and Operation Forest Industry Safety & Training Alliance, Inc. AV-V809 VHS 1996 © 1/2" VHS, 19 min. Covers the proper maintenance and operation procedures for chainsaws. Safety is also stressed, including the use of personal protective equipment.
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