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Using Pesticides Safely: A Six-Part Video Series for Training Registered Employees University of Maryland Cooperative Extension AV-VD096 DVD 2012 © DVD, 67 min. 6 modules. 1. Pesticide Laws and Regulations 2. Pesticide Label 3. Protecting the Pesticide Handler 4. Guidelines for Proper Pesticide Handling 5. Pesticides and the Environment 6. Integrated Pest Management
Safe Tree and Brush Removal Illinois Dept. of Transportation AV-VD091 DVD 2003 DVD, 19 min. This video covers the various reasons for removing trees and brush, proper chain saw operation, and safety precautions. Use on a computer.
Municipal Storm Water Pollution Prevention: Storm Watch Everyday Best Management Practices Excal Visual AV-VD018 DVD 2005 © DVD, 21 min. This video training program describes the fundamental concepts and practices of storm water pollution prevention for municipal operations. Accompanied by a Trainers Guide, 5 Best Management Practices Guidebook and the EPA Storm Water Phase II Final Rule
Importance of Road Drainage DOT FHWA AV-VD060 DVD 1998 DVD, 19 min. This video discusses the roadway considerations (including surface and drainage maintenance) and the inspection of drainage systems. Also addressed are the environmental issues associated with road drainage, federal and state permits, and liability for elements of design and maintenance.
Highway Safety and Trees: The Delicate Balance DOT FHWA AV-VD020 DVD 2006 DVD, 12 min. When designing or maintaining roads, it is important to balance the positive aspects of trees with the safety of the motorists.
Ground Control: Storm Water Pollution Prevention for Construction Sites Excal Visual AV-VD046 DVD 2006 © DVD, 14 min. Designed to show employees how erosion, sediments and other potential surface water pollutants are controlled at construction sites. The program focuses on Best Management Practices that are widely used at most construction sites. Includes Trainer's Guide, Quiz and Acknowledgement form. DVD revised 2007.
Chemical Controls of Weeds and Brush Oklahoma State University AV-VD059 DVD 1989 DVD, 13 min. This video covers the use of selective herbicides for the control of brush and weeds. With proper use, they can be cost effective and safe. The different applications of herbicides are covered.
Stormwater Runoff, There is No Away University of New Hampshire AV-V1004 VHS 2003 © 1/2" VHS, 28 min. The video describes sources of runoff and how runoff can pollute the water. It also describes ways to prevent the pollution in runoff so the water stays clean and safe. New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services.
Keep an Eye On It! Environmental Awareness for Gravel Road Maintenance Road Commission for Oakland County, Michigan AV-V998 VHS 2000 © 1/2" VHS, 18 min. This video program helps you establish the relationship between stream quality and the maintenance, construction and repair of road crossings. It demonstrates repair and maintenance methods that will reduce costs and environmental damage.
Managing Trees for Public Safety: The Role of Landscape Maintenance Personnel International Society of Arboriculture AV-V701 VHS 1996 © 1/2" VHS, 17 min. This video discusses tree defects and their indicators, the influence of landscape maintenance practices on trees, and actions to take to reduce the risk of tree failure.
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