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What to Expect When You’re Inspecting. Parts 1 & 2 Portland Cement Assn. AV-VD026 DVD 2006 © DVD, 44 min. Part 1 covers everything that needs to be checked before concrete arrives at the jobsite. Part 2 covers the inspection process once concrete is delivered to the job.
Top 10 Myths in Concrete Construction Portland Cement Assn. AV-VD027 DVD 2005 © DVD, 19 min. Reviews and explains the most common misconceptions about concrete construction.
Concrete Testing Methods Michigan Dept. of Transportation AV-V995 VHS 2003 1/2" VHS, 25 min. This tape examines concrete testing methods used by MDOT. The topics include Sampling-Temperature Slump (9 min.), Roll A Meter (8 min.), and Pressure Method (Type B) (8 min.)
Trouble Shooting and Prevention of Concrete Problems in the Field Portland Cement Assn. AV-V793 VHS 1992 © 1/2" VHS, 25 min. The video describes seven common problems associated with concrete construction. It identifies the typical causes and describes measures by which they can be prevented.
Testing Ready Mixed Concrete in the Field: A Video Notebook Construction Materials Engineering, Inc. AV-V867 VHS 2002 © 1/2" VHS, 63 min. Covers standardized test methods for ready mixed concrete in the field.
Surface Defects In Formed Concrete Portland Cement Assn. AV-V598 VHS 1996 © 1/2" VHS, 20 min. An informative overview that addresses the most common surface defects in formed concrete. The relationship between proper vibration techniques and quality formed surfaces is also shown.
Stamped Concrete. Re-Paving City Streets. Tilt-Up Concrete Construction. Kerney Hills Golf Course. Kentucky Ready-Mixed Concrete Assn. AV-V322 VHS © 1/2" VHS, 50 min. Reviews and demonstrates the design and construction of stamped concrete, whitetopping, tilt-up concrete panels, and slip form concrete trails.
Skin Safety with Cement and Concrete National Ready Mixed Concrete Assn.; Portland Cement Assn. AV-V794 VHS 1998 © 1/2" VHS, 15 min. Wet cement products like concrete mortar and grout can be hazardous to the skin when not handled properly. The video describes the hazards and how to safely work with we cement products.
Materials for Concrete: Water and Aggregates Portland Cement Assn. av-v790 VHS 1990 © 1/2" VHS, 28 min. The video provides a basic understanding of the function water and aggregates perform in concrete mixtures. Accompanied by a discussion guide.
Concrete Materials: Admixtures Portland Cement Assn. AV-V792 VHS 1992 © 1/2" VHS, 24 min. The video provides a basic understanding of the effect admixtures have on fresh and hardened concrete. Accompanied by a discussion guide.
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