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Best Practices: Culvert Replacement Vol. 2 Ohio Dept. of Transportation AV-VD097 DVD 2013 © DVD, 17 min. Play on a computer. Covers the steps in safely replacing a culvert.
Culvert Replacement Illinois Dept. of Transportation AV-VD092 DVD DVD, 11 min. The video covers step-by-step procedures for replacing an entrance pipe culvert. To be used on a computer.
Culverts: Not Just Something to Pass Over University of Wisconsin AV-VD066 DVD 2002 © DVD, 20 min. This video covers the proper planning, installation, and maintenance of culverts
Steel Truss Bridge Inspection; Pre-Stressed Concrete Bridges - Safety Inspection Oregon Dept. of Transportation; DOT FHWA AV-V324 VHS 1985 1/2" VHS, 2 Pts.: 52 min., 58 min. Covers general inspection procedures for steel truss bridges and pre-stressed concrete bridges, equipment needed, report form, and problems to check for. Steel Truss Bridge Inspection (3/4")-1c.
Basic Principles for Proper Installation of Corrugated Steel Drainage Structures National Corrugated Steel Pipe Assn.; et al AV-V909 VHS © 1/2" VHS, 19 min. A practical field guide on the proper installation of corrugated steel drainage structures. The video covers excavation, preparation, handling, assembly, and backfilling.
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