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Flaggers: Guardians of the Work Zone Gerlach Productions; Kentucky Transportation Cabinet; Kentucky Transportation Center, University of Kentucky AV-VD106 DVD 2017 *DVD, 16 min. Safe and effective flagging operations are presented. The video covers basic flagging skills and operations for single flagger, two flaggers, one flagger/one way, emergency situations, and nighttime flagging.
Vermont work zone Set Up Video Vermont Agency of Transportation; Demars Media AV-VD079 DVD 2008 © DVD, 30 min. Demonstrates the proper planning, set-up and removal of temporary traffic control for work zones to ensure the safety of workers and drivers. Work Zones for two-lane roads, interstates, and three-lane roads are covered.
Flagging Operations and Procedures North Carolina State University AV-VD037 DVD 1993 DVD, 23 min. Provides proper flagging procedures for six different work zone situations. Also covers supervisors' responsibilities.
Flagging and Work Zone Traffic Control Safety Maryland Dept. of Transportation AV-VD024 DVD 1/2" VHS, 24 min. This video reviews the procedures and equipment for safely flagging and setting up work zones in a variety of situations.
Safe, Efficient Lane Closure American Traffic Safety Services Assn. AV-V298 VHS 1/2" VHS, 10 min. A traffic control training video for street and road maintenance crews. This video shows how to safely and efficiently close a lane of traffic.
Parking Lane/Shoulder Work Traffic Education & Consulting Services AV-V225 VHS 1994 © 1/2" VHS, 12 min. Accompanied by two Guides: Safety practices and procedures for parking lane and shoulder work zone.
Mobile Work Zone Operations Texas Dept. of Transportation AV-V750 VHS 2001 1/2" VHS, 13 min. Planning for a mobile work zone and the procedures for setting up a mobile work zone are covered in this video.
Flagging Traffic Safely Long Island Productions AV-V633 VHS 1999 © 1/2" VHS, 5 min. The flagger is key to a safe work site for the workers and the motorists. The video reviews basic flagging procedures.
Dropoffs Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Dept. AV-V611 VHS 1997 1/2" VHS, 16 min. This video covers the proper traffic control and safety devices for dropoffs in work zones.
Street Closures Traffic Education & Consulting Services AV-V329 VHS 1994 © 1/2" VHS, 16 min. Accompanied by two guides: Practices and procedures for street closures during emergencies, special events, or in long and short-term operations
MUTCD Videoconference: Millennium Edition American Traffic Safety Services Association AV-V736 VHS 2001 1/2" VHS, 150 min. This videoconference held March 20, 2001 summarizes the changes in the new "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices". All parts of the manual are covered.
Work Zone Ahead: Highway Work Zone Safety Associated General Contractors of America AV-V585 VHS 1996 © 1/2" VHS, 12 min. Provides basic safety training to road construction workers.
Work Zone Safety and the Revision of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices American Public Works Assn. AV-V652 VHS 1998 © 1/2" VHS, 6hrs. 3 tapes. An interactive video conference that provides an overview to help supervisors understand the critical elements to work zone safety. It also covers the problems, trends, and training resources.
Trucking Through the Work Zone North Carolina Dept. of Highways AV-V706 VHS 1992 1/2" VHS, 9 min. There is an integral risk of accidents in work zones. It takes the leadership of professional truck drivers to help get through the work zones safely.
Safety Made Simple: The ABC’s of Work Zone Safety American Traffic Safety Services Assn. AV-V676 VHS 2000 © 1/2" VHS, 13 min. Accompanied by a brochure. To help prevent accidents in work zones, one should follow the ABC'S of work zone safety: awareness, being visible, and communication
Pedestrians Traffic Education & Consulting Services AV-V240 VHS 1994 © 1/2" VHS, 12 min. Accompanied by two guides. Preventative safety tips to help reduce the unique risks of pedestrians in work zones.
Utility Safety in Work Zones Iowa State University; Iowa Dept. of Transportation AV-V836 VHS 1999 © 1/2" VHS, 14 min. This program shows the above ground and below ground hazards of utilities; the on-site and off-site consequences when the utilities are disrupted. The use of One Call to locate underground utility hazards is also stressed.
Moving Operations/Maintenance Safety Iowa Dept. of Transportation AV-V821 VHS 1999 © 1/2" VHS, 13 min. This program describes a variety of short-term highway operations from snow plowing to patching from the least dangerous to the most dangerous. It stresses awareness of hazards and individual responsibility for safety.
Work Zone Tort Liability Texas A&M University AV-V962 VHS 2003 © 1/2" VHS, 13min. The video shows how a road agency may be held liable for improper set up and control of a work zone.
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