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Horrific Accidents: The Facts Long Island Productions, Inc. AV-V993 VHS 2002 © 1/2" VHS, 11 min. Graphic images that show injuries from not taking proper safety precautions or not wearing protective clothing.
Preventing Road Rage: Anger Management for Drivers AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety AV-VD078 DVD 1998 DVD, 20 min. Violent aggressive driving, or "road rage," is a growing public concern. This video teaches viewers how to avoid offending other drivers, manage their own anger, and disengage from an angry encounter.
Street Closures Traffic Education & Consulting Services AV-V329 VHS 1994 © 1/2" VHS, 16 min. Accompanied by two guides: Practices and procedures for street closures during emergencies, special events, or in long and short-term operations
MUTCD Videoconference: Millennium Edition American Traffic Safety Services Association AV-V736 VHS 2001 1/2" VHS, 150 min. This videoconference held March 20, 2001 summarizes the changes in the new "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices". All parts of the manual are covered.
Road Rage Driver Training Long Island Productions, Inc. AV-V674 VHS 2000 © 1/2" VHS, 27 min. Three factors are linked to aggressive driving: lack of responsible driving behavior, reduced levels of traffic enforcement, and increased congestion. This program addresses these factors.
Driving Defensively II Safety Short Productions AV-V522 VHS 1991 © 1/2" VHS, 5 min. This video explains ways in which accidents can be prevented by driving defensively.
Driving Defensively I Safety Short Productions AV-V521 VHS 1991 © 1/2" VHS, 5 min. Drivers are reminded of the dangers in daily driving routines. See also video 522.
Bike ‘N Ped Driver Ed: For the Safe Sharing of Our Roadways DOT NHTSA; Florida Dept. of Transportation AV-V965 VHS 2001 1/2" VHS, 16 min. This video and accompanying materials can be used to teach motorists about laws for bicyclists and pedestrians and how to properly share the road with them.
Sign Maintenance and Installation DOT FHWA AV-V436 VHS 1/2" VHS, 27 min. This video covers procedures for tracking and prioritizing sign maintenance, traffic control devices, and field operations.
Think and Drive Long Island Productions, Inc. AV-V760 VHS 2000 © 1/2" VHS, 17 min. The video covers the skills of a good driver. Also included are brakes, proper seating position, intersections, mirrors, and poor driving conditions. Safe driving requires driving responsibly and driving defensively.
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