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Herbicide Use and Safety in the Landscape CEV Multimedia AV-VD054 DVD 1990 © DVD, 25 min. The video covers the terms and concepts for the safe application of herbicides in the landscape. Also included are the application equipmennt and the proper personal protective equipment.
Utility Safety in Work Zones Iowa State University; Iowa Dept. of Transportation AV-V836 VHS 1999 © 1/2" VHS, 14 min. This program shows the above ground and below ground hazards of utilities; the on-site and off-site consequences when the utilities are disrupted. The use of One Call to locate underground utility hazards is also stressed.
Breakaway Pole Demo Project Kentucky Utilities Company AV-V401 VHS 1988 1/2" VHS, 25 min. Installation of a break-away wood, utility pole on Tates Creek Road & McMeekin Place, Lexington, KY. Minimal commentary.
Utility Cuts in Paved Roads, Part 1 and 2 Local Technical Assistance Program AV-V474 VHS © 1/2" VHS, 41 min. Addresses utility cut problems due to poor methods or poor management. Shows the proper procedures for utility cuts and the related pavement repair.
Utility Cut Repair: Doing it Right Minnesota Local Road Research Board AV-V486 VHS 1996 © 1/2" VHS, 11 min. The video shows the proper procedure for making utility cut repairs.
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