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Using Pesticides Safely: A Six-Part Video Series for Training Registered Employees University of Maryland Cooperative Extension AV-VD096 DVD 2012 © DVD, 67 min. 6 modules. 1. Pesticide Laws and Regulations 2. Pesticide Label 3. Protecting the Pesticide Handler 4. Guidelines for Proper Pesticide Handling 5. Pesticides and the Environment 6. Integrated Pest Management
Field Guide to Testing Deicing Chemicals MLT Group, LLC; Clear Roads AV-VD081 DVD 2011 DVD, 25 min. This video covers the different types of field testing for evaluating deicing chemicals and provides guidance on the data to be collected with each test.
Working Safely with PesticidesUniversity of Arizona University of Arizona AV-VD072 DVD 2009 © DVD, 18 min. When working with pesticides, one should read the information on the MSDS, read the container labels, and use personal protective equipment. The video also covers accident situations, symptoms of poisoning, and disposal and storage of pesticides.
Meth Lab Waste Recognition for Adopt-A-Highway Volunteers Colorado Dept. of Transportation AV-VD012 DVD 2004 DVD, 7 min. This video is directed toward Adopt-a-Highway volunteers and describes materials and equipment sometimes found along highways that have been used in meth labs. These items should be considered hazardous and dangerous and should be reported to authorities.
Lawn Care Technician Professional Landcare Networks AV-VD048 DVD 1992 © DVD, 29 min. 3 DVDs. An introduction to the lawn care industry and the lawn care technician's role. It covers turf pests and methods to control them and also gives an overview of lawn care equipment. Accompanied by an Instructor's Guide.
Herbicide Use and Safety in the Landscape CEV Multimedia AV-VD054 DVD 1990 © DVD, 25 min. The video covers the terms and concepts for the safe application of herbicides in the landscape. Also included are the application equipmennt and the proper personal protective equipment.
Chemical Controls of Weeds and Brush Oklahoma State University AV-VD059 DVD 1989 DVD, 13 min. This video covers the use of selective herbicides for the control of brush and weeds. With proper use, they can be cost effective and safe. The different applications of herbicides are covered.
Working Around Flammables and Combustibles: Hazards Safety Shorts AV-V1011 VHS 2003 © 1/2" VHS, 5 min. Flammable and combustible materials pose serious health and fire dangers. Ensure safety by recognizing the hazards.
Concrete Testing Methods Michigan Dept. of Transportation AV-V995 VHS 2003 1/2" VHS, 25 min. This tape examines concrete testing methods used by MDOT. The topics include Sampling-Temperature Slump (9 min.), Roll A Meter (8 min.), and Pressure Method (Type B) (8 min.)
Applying Pesticides Correctly: Mixing/Loading, Storage and Disposal University of Florida AV-V725 VHS 1/2" VHS, 15 min, This video focuses on safe handling procedures to be used during mixing and loading of pesticides and during transport, storage, and disposal of pesticides.
Materials for Concrete: Water and Aggregates Portland Cement Assn. av-v790 VHS 1990 © 1/2" VHS, 28 min. The video provides a basic understanding of the function water and aggregates perform in concrete mixtures. Accompanied by a discussion guide.
Concrete Materials: Admixtures Portland Cement Assn. AV-V792 VHS 1992 © 1/2" VHS, 24 min. The video provides a basic understanding of the effect admixtures have on fresh and hardened concrete. Accompanied by a discussion guide.
Paving the Way…to the 21st Century Asphalt Emulsions Manufacturers Assn. AV-V431 VHS 1995 © 1/2" VHS, 11 min. Asphalt emulsion is a paving and maintenance material. This video covers the advantages as well as the production, storage, handling, and testing of asphalt emulsion.
Introduction to Asphalt Materials St. Michael's College, VT Transportation Information Exchange AV-V164 VHS 1983 1/2" VHS, 26 min. This tape explains the basic types of asphalt, ways to liquify asphalts, the various types of asphalt emulsions and why they are used, and where asphalts come from.
Asphalt Emulsions and Their Uses Asphalt Emulsions Manufacturers Assn.; Asphalt Institute AV-V531 VHS 1997 © 1/2" VHS, 15 min. This video addresses new technologies and shows various uses of asphalt emulsions.
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