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Sign Maintenance and Installation DOT FHWA AV-V436 VHS 1/2" VHS, 27 min. This video covers procedures for tracking and prioritizing sign maintenance, traffic control devices, and field operations.
Road Repair: Do the Right Thing at the Right Time Braun Intertec AV-V287 VHS 1991 1/2" VHS, 23 min. A basic introduction to pavement management. The video reviews the procedures for determining the pavement condition and the necessary repairs.
Equipment Maintenance Programming and Scheduling Montana State University AV-V094 VHS 1983 1/2" VHS, 46 min. This tape stresses the importance of proper programming and scheduling of maintenance. It shows a system for maintaining an inventory of parts with examples. Emphasis is on good bookkeeping and proper paperwork by operators, mechanics, and others.
Asphalt Paving Inspections DOT FHWA AV-V433 VHS 1995 1/2" VHS, 60 min. This video has three parts: preliminary responsibilities, paving operation, and problems. Inspection throughout the process helps ensure a quality pavement.
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